Windows 10 Mobile: another day of "no new builds", but hope is rising

It's becoming a bit of an unfortunate daily Twitter tradition: check Gabe Aul's Twitter feed, and find another "no new builds today" tweet.  The last Windows 10 Mobile build, numbered 10512, was released 16 days ago, but due to a number of bugs and performance issues, W10M testers are eager to get their hands on a newer version.
All is not lost, however, and in a series of subsequent tweets, Aul, who is currently using build 10537 from the Internal Fast Ring, says that "we have a new good candidate, but no guarantee". In answer to a somewhat facetious question "why is the sky blue?", Aul answered  "I think it is sad that there is no mobile build today. I hope to cheer it up soon".
Whatever the new build number is, and when it comes out, it sounds like it will come with a number of improvements:

Aul responded to one Tweeter that the last potential build almost made it "all the way", but it was held off "based on a bug with apps on SD".  The Home Screen bug with a large number of tiles has also apparently been fixed, says Aul.
Finally, while preferring to talk about features when you can try them out in a build, a "first class experience" for Skype on Mobile is in the works:

Having been somewhat forcibly involved in Windows 10 Mobile testing (my 1020 died, leaving a 635 running W10M as my only option until at least next month), there's still a lot to fix with the new mobile operating system, and I for one can't wait to get my hands on a new build.  How about you?

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