Windows 10 Insider Preview build for PCs 15002 leaked

Despite Dona Sarkar saying that there's no new Windows 10 Insider Preview builds being released this week, due to a breaking issue in the upgrade path, that doesn't stop new builds being leaked from other sources.

Renowned Microsoft leaker, WalkingCat, has tweeted out a link that downloads the Desktop App Converter Base Image, which just so happens to include build 15002 for Windows 10:

Downloading the above images from the link will download build 15002 in addition to the Desktop App Converter Base Images. While it's good to see new builds are progressing in some form, we don't recommend installing this build due to the upgrade path issue that Dona Sarkar spoke about. Installing it could prevent you from upgrading to any newer builds unless Windows 10 is completely reinstalled.

It's also important to note that when we tried to access the download link, we were unable to do so, which could mean that Microsoft has removed the offending files already.

There's no information on what build 15002 might include yet, however, if you're daring enough to install it, let us know what you find (if anything) in the comments below!

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