Windows 10 Insider Hub will no longer be pre-installed, but here’s how you can get it back

Windows 10 Insider Hub will no longer be pre-installed, but here's how you can get it back

The Insider Hub on Windows 10 Insider Preview is an app that allows participants of the Windows Insider Program to catch up on the latest announcements relating to the Windows 10 testing process, as well as view profile information and much more. With the Insider Hub app, you can keep track of how many pieces of feedback you have given and how much activity you have put into the program.

Once Microsoft releases the next official build as part of the Insider Program, the company will no longer bundle the Insider Hub app. However, the app will still be available to install for those of you who want it post-RTM. You will need to have your Microsoft Account (MSA) connected to your Windows 10 PC. Here’s what you need to do in order to get it back, directly from Microsoft:

“Because we’re getting ready for the final release, we’re removing a few things we don’t expect to ship to everyone. So starting with the next build, the Insider Hub will no longer be pre-installed. Windows Insiders can reinstall the Insider Hub app through the following steps:

  • Go to Settings, System, Apps & features
  • Click Manage optional features then Add a feature
  • Select the Insider Hub entry (the list is in alphabetical order) and click Install.

You will have to go through this process with each build we flight prior to the final release on July 29th, but once we start flighting new builds after July 29th it will be preinstalled again.
The Windows Feedback app will continue to be included in builds and in the final release. But as I noted above, the Windows Feedback app will have functionality specific to Windows Insiders who are registered for the program with their MSA connected to their PC.”

After Windows 10 is released on July 29th, Microsoft will continue to offer new builds to eager testers. Having the Insider Hub app will be an integral part of the post-RTM testing process. Have you been using the Insider Hub? Let us know in the comments below.

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