Windows 10 feedback: Insiders want tabs in File Explorer

Sean Cameron

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Windows 10

Windows 10 has engaged the tech community in a way that hasn’t been seen for quite some time, and a large part of this success has been the continued drive by Microsoft to engage with the public in order to improve the Windows experience.

Through the Windows Insider program, Microsoft has delivered a number of different improvements to the various builds of Windows 10 over the last few months, and now the latest consensus is in. According to Windows User Voice, the one of the most requested features by Windows Insiders for the next build of Windows 10 is the addition of tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer. In fact, this feature request has over 28,000 votes, which shows that there are many Insiders who feel this feature suggestion is important.

“Title is self explanatory. Please add tabs to Windows Explorer/File Explorer. Every other OS has this feature and Windows is severely lagging behind. Best examples here and here QTTabBar is the best implementation, however a user should be able to view two tabs side by side within the one single Explorer Window pane.” — Eta Carinae

If implemented, this could make the process of managing files a great deal easier, especially for the many who keep their files in the same state as their minds, messy and disorganized. What feature would you most like to see included next in Windows 10? Let us know in the comments below, and let Microsoft know via the User Voice website.