Windows 10 Facebook Messenger (Beta) updates with new voice recording feature

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The Facebook Messenger (Beta) app designed for Windows 10 devices has updated (via AL) with an introduction of a new feature; voice recording.

After installing the app update, users will be able to record an audio message directly from within the app and attach it to a DM by clicking on the + button next to the text field.

Facebook Messenger (Beta) is used to test new features for stability and useability before rolling them out to the main Facebook Messenger app. The Beta app updated just last month with a rather significant update which changed the app to Electron-based, added several new features, and refreshed the app icon.

Do you use Facebook Messenger on your Windows 10 device or do you prefer to stick with the mobile versions on iOS and Android? Let us know which version you prefer in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook for more Windows app news.

Messenger (beta)
Messenger (beta)
Developer: ‪Facebook Inc‬
Price: Code needed

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