Windows 10: Edge in dark mode shown off via screenshot, looks sexy -
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Windows 10: Edge in dark mode shown off via screenshot, looks sexy

Windows 10

We've known for sometime now that a dark mode for Windows 10 desktop is in the works. Over the last few weeks dark mode has been drip-fed to us Insiders via official builds, however as of yet there is no way to enable/disable it via the Settings app. With the Windows 10 RTM just weeks away, the final UI adjustments are being made and are making their way down the development branches, meaning we should hopefully get to experience the full dark mode experience pretty soon.

If you were wondering how dark mode was coming along in internal builds, Microsoft Employee Jonathan Sampson tweeted a screenshot of Edge with dark mode enabled, and we think it looks gorgeous. Not only that, but in the build that screenshot is from, the feedback button has been replaced with the share button, which is currently found in the three-dotted menu in build 10130.

Dark mode in Windows 10 acts much like dark mode does on Windows Phone 8.1. The user will have the option to switch between either dark or light mode, however app developers will be able to overwrite this option with their own color in their own apps if they wish. We'll hopefully be seeing more of Dark mode in Windows 10 over the next couple of builds, as Microsoft is now working to implement the final code changes before signing off on Windows 10.

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