Windows 10 Crypto Chart app gains even more Bitcoin-tracking features

Brad Stephenson

Bitcoin Apps on Windows 10

The Crypto Chart app has added several new features recently that continue to cement its position as the best free Windows 10 app for tracking Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news and trends.

The app now supports parings for up to 20 different fiat currencies (US Dollar, Euro, etc) and now allows users to enable or disable specific news sources for the crypto news feed tab. Crypto Chart also now features several new details for portfolio tracking and, best of all, now supports syncing between different devices with the same Microsoft account.

Crypto Chart is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app which works on not only Windows 10 devices but also Windows phones and Xbox One video game consoles. With the sync option enabled in Settings, all portfolio data, selected crypto watch lists, and news preferences will stay up to date via the cloud as long as the same Microsoft account is used.

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Crypto Chart
Crypto Chart
Developer: Ravaga
Price: Free