Here is how you can download and install the old version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone (updated)

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Whatsapp windows phone app still unavailable, but here is how you can download and install the old app

Not too long ago, WhatsApp was taken down from the Windows Phone store due to technical issues with the app. This app is still unavailable as of May 27h. Microsoft is working alongside WhatsApp to fix a notification bug that has been plaguing the app, hence its removal from the Store until the issue has been fixed.

But, if you happen to have removed WhatsApp from your device prior to the app being pulled from the Store, there is one method to get the app again. Now keep in mind, the app was pulled for a reason - because of the notification bug. This method will show you how to download the app manually and install it via your SD Card - if your smartphone has the capability.

We still recommend that you wait until the app reappears in the Windows Phone Store with the notification issue resolved, but if you cant wait and need WhatsApp now, following the steps below.

  • Head over to the WhatsApp description page in the Windows Phone Store
  • Make sure you are logged in using your Microsoft Account
  • There will be a link at the bottom left of the page that says "Download and Install Manually."  Clicking it will give you the .xap file.  Download this file.
  • Place this .xap file on your phone's SD card.
  • Open up the Store app, tap the settings/more icon at the bottom (the three dots) , and then tap Install local apps. (If you're running an earlier version of Windows Phone, look for the SD card option instead.)
  • Select the apps you want, and then tap Install.

Give it a try and see if you can get WhatsApp installed on your Windows Phone device. Remember, this version of WhatsApp was pulled, so proceed with caution. We are still recommending that you wait until the app returns to the Store, but for those who absolutely need it right now regardless of its issue, give this method a try.

Update: This method is no longer working. Sorry folks!

Thanks for the tip, Rob!

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