WhatsApp Beta introduces screen-sharing feature for Windows

Pranav Bhardwaj


WhatsApp is releasing a new update for its Windows native app through the official beta channel on the Microsoft Store. The update, labeled version 2.2322.1.0, brings with it a highly anticipated feature: screen-sharing during video calls. Although this feature was initially introduced to a small group of users who installed the WhatsApp beta for the Android update, it is now making its way to select beta testers on the Windows platform.

With the WhatsApp beta for Windows 2.2322.1.0 update installed from the Microsoft Store, eligible beta testers can now experiment with the screen-sharing option during their video calls. Once enabled for your WhatsApp account, you can share the contents of your screen by accessing the specific option located within the video call controls. Upon selecting this option, you will be prompted to choose whether to share a particular window or your entire screen with all participants in the video call. It’s worth noting that you can also share your screen with individuals using mobile devices during the call.

While sharing, you have full control over the feature, and you can stop sharing your screen at any time by clicking the “Stop Sharing Screen” button. However, it is crucial to exercise caution when utilizing this feature, as sensitive information may inadvertently appear while sharing your screen.

While the screen-sharing capability is currently available to some beta testers who have installed the latest WhatsApp beta for Windows from the Microsoft Store, there have been reports that it is also rolling out to users who are on the stable release of the app. If the update is not yet visible in your Microsoft Store, rest assured that it will be gradually rolled out to more users over the coming days.

WhatsApp Beta
WhatsApp Beta
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WhatsApp continues to enhance its communication platform with innovative features, and the addition of screen-sharing during video calls brings increased versatility to the Windows native app.