Watch how Surface Pro 3 can help you make great music in the 'Surface Sessions'

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Watch how surface pro 3 can help you make great music in these new surface sessions

Although the Surface Pro 3 tablet has been mostly marketed as a productivity device favorable for checking emails, and reading and editing; and an entertainment beast for watching movies at incredibly high-definition resolution, it is undoubtedly a great pick even you’re a music enthusiast.

In a new video posted by Molten Music Technology, a professional musician demonstrates how easy, convenient and precise the Surface Pen makes it to edit and control different music operations. The touch-capability of the device also enables features like pan to zoom among others.

The Surface Pro 3 supports a plethora of music studios and applications including Sibelius, Ableton Live, and Pro Tools among others that are more than capable of making great music. Needless to mention that most of such applications aren’t available or as functional on other mobile platforms.

If you’re into music and are looking for tools that can enhance your work, or tips on how to make the best out of your Surface, you should probably check out the sessions The Molten Music has put on YouTube. Even if you aren't that into music, there is probably no harm at striking a few chords, it's weekend anyway!

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