Warning: Microsoft is accidentally rolling out untested Windows 10 build 18947 to all Insiders

Laurent Giret

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It appears someone at Microsoft just pushed a button by mistake, and this could have some serious consequences for Windows Insiders. Indeed, the Windows 10 build 18947, which is an internal build that didn’t go through proper testing within the company, is currently rolling out to all Insiders, including those on the Slow and Release Preview rings.

This is a quite confusing situation, especially since it looks like even Windows Insiders who chose to stop receiving Preview builds in the Settings app may also get this update today.

Head of the Windows Insider program has acknowledged the issue a couple of minutes ago and said that her team is looking into it. We hope to have more information soon, but in the meantime we recommend you to pause Windows Insider updates as soon as possible in the Windows 10 Settings app.

It’s not the first time that Microsoft mistakenly pushes an untested build to Windows Insiders. Two years ago, a flight problem resulted in Microsoft accidentally shipping the internal build 16212 to some Insiders, and at the time the company asked affected users to either roll back to the previous build or wait for the next flight).

It looks like history is repeating itself today, and it certainly not a good look for the Windows Insider program when even Insiders on the Release Preview ring are receiving untested internal builds. Have you also seen the build 18947 in Windows Update today, and if so did you take all precautionary measures to block its installation? Let us know below.