Want Pokemon Go on your Windows phone? There's an internet petition for that

One of the biggest smartphone video game launches of the year happened earlier today as The Pokemon Company brought their new Pokemon-themed altered reality game to iOS and Android devices and… not Windows phones or other Windows 10 devices.

Naturally, this exclusion has many Windows phone-owning Pokemon fans upset and in usual internet fashion, a petition has been started on Change.org. On the main campaign page, the creators raise some genuinely good points such as Windows 10 now being installed on over 81 million devices and the support for carrier billing in Windows 10 Mobile.

It’s unlikely that a petition such as this will change Nintendo’s mind on the matter but for those who want to at least send the message to a major gaming company about Windows phone users and their passionate support for the ecosystem, this is a good opportunity.

The target number of signatures is 5,000 and at the time of this writing they had already reached 4,016.

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