Voice Access comes to Windows 11 OOBE in recent Insider builds

Devesh Beri

windows 11 desktop

As observed on Twitter, Microsoft has released a feature that allows users to control their computers entirely using their voice, even before they’ve logged in. This could greatly improve the overall user experience and make computing more inclusive for a wider range of users.

By incorporating such features into the Out-of-Box Experience (OOBE) screens, it is clear that Microsoft is ensuring that users have easy access to accessibility tools right from the start, making it easier for them to set up and use their computers.

OOBE? When setting up a new Windows computer or tablet, you will encounter a series of screens known as the OOBE (Out-of-Box Experience). These screens prompt you to select your language, region, and keyboard layout and establish an internet connection.

Microsoft’s effort to prioritize accessibility in their operating system updates is a commendable move that shows their dedication to creating technology that is truly accessible and usable by everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. The technology industry must continue to focus on creating inclusive solutions, and this development is a step in the right direction.

via MSPowerUser