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VLC for Windows RT progress 'improving quite a bit', release coming soon


VideoLAN President and developer Jean-Baptiste Kempf has posted up a new blog post and has provided us an update on the progress of VLC for Windows RT. According to Kempf, there has been good progress and a release is coming soon.

"As people who follow @videolan know, we keep working quite a bit on our port to the WinRT platforms. It is probably the port where the most effort is spent on those days, and is probably the most difficult. The good news is that we are improving quite a bit, and we are closer to having something on the store," Kempf stated on his blog.

Since VLC has also been working on platforms such as iOS and Android, Windows RT has not created an impact in development. "..work on one platform does not slow down the development of other platforms ports," Kempf adds.

A beta of VLC for Windows RT will soon hit the Windows Store, as certain issues are continuing to be addressed. "We fixed most of the issues, including the WinRT static calls, meaning that we rewrote a lot of idl, idl tools and header files," he adds. So far, they are at 5 forbidden calls and as soon as there are 0, the app will be uploaded to the Windows Store as a Beta for all to test.

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