VLC app for Windows 8.1 to hit Windows Store on Monday, but don't hold your breath

VLC app for Windows 8.1 to hit Windows Store on Monday, but don't hold your breath

When it comes to tackling just about any video format imaginable, it is hard to find many applications that are more capable than VLC. It has been a little while coming, but a modern version of the app is due to hit the Windows Store at the beginning of next week, at least according to VideoLAN.

The news came via Twitter when VideoLAN replied to a user who asked whether there was a release ready for the Windows Store. The response was a very to-the-point "we plan to release on the store on Monday." Its been a long time since we first learned about the app. VideoLAN has promised the app to be released soon on many occasions, only for the app to fail Windows Store certification. 

The app is sure to prove as popular as its desktop sibling which built up a massive following thanks to the number of built-in codecs that eliminated many video playback problems. However, it is likely that the modern version of VLC will be a slightly cutdown version -- hints have already been made that subtitle and audio track selection will be lacking during the app's initial release.

Even if this proves to be the case, VLC devotees will be happy to see their beloved video player finding its way into the Store. Any features that are missing at launch could still be added in future updates.

Is this an app you're looking forward to getting your hands on? Or have you given up on VLC for Windows 8 entirely? If so, what app has filled the void?

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