Preview for Visual Studio 15 now available for download

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During Build 2016, Microsoft previewed the latest iteration of Visual Studio under the name Visual Studio 15. Not to be confused with Visual Studio 2015, this preview introduces new features and controls for users to test out and is available to download now from their page. Some of the highlighted features are:

  • Language Service

-XAML edit-and-continue for WPF and Universal Windows Apps

-C++ language fixes, including Intellisense for JSDoc annotations and JSX syntax

Visual Studio
Visual Studio “15”
  • Debugger

-Ability to add conditions to debugger, allowing break/throw on exceptions under certain configured conditions

Visual Studio
Visual Studio “15” Debugger

In addition to these quick highlights, VS “15” includes updates to VS Tools for Apache Cordova and Cordova 6.0.0 support, Tools for Universal Windows App Development with over 600 bug fixes for .NET native toolchain, an updated Developer Analytic Tool for improved search capabilities and the latest Office and SQL Server developer tools.

For a complete list of all features in this preview, you can visit the Release Notes page for further information. To leave feedback on any problems, concerns or suggestions Microsoft has a UserVoice page to submit your comments. How are these new tools in this preview assisting your development process? Let us know in the comments.

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