Use Cortana to control your house with the INSTEON App for Windows Phone

Cortana Support in the INSTEON WP app

INSTEON is a company that provides products and services to automate and control your home. Applications such as getting statuses of your home on your mobile devices, controlling the lighting and garage give you some of the benefits of a futuristic house from sci-fi movie.

With Cortana support in their Windows Phone app, you can now control your house easily with your voice. Some of the tasks you can do include turning on/off and dimming the lights, locking/unlocking doors, opening/closing the garage, and adjusting thermostat.

Furthermore, the app takes advantage of the interactive abilities of Cortana. For example if you tell Cortana, "INSTEEON, it's hot in here," Cortana will respond, "Nobody likes being hot, want to adjust your thermostat?" and bring up the thermostat controls. 

Taking this a step further, you can activate more complex scenarios. For example saying, "INSTEON, leaving the house" would trigger the app to turn off your lights, lock the doors, and turn down the thermostat.

Besides the Cortana support, the update brings exclusive features such as a visitor mode, enhanced camera support, multi-house support, and a dashboard view to the Windows Phone app.

INSTEON products are available in Microsoft retail stores as well as This collaboration promises an unlimited potential for more functionality and integration of your devices to produce an even smarter home environment. 

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