Updated Skype for Windows Phone brings the benefits of Microsoft accounts

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Updated Skype for Windows Phone brings the benefits of Microsoft accounts

It's been a little while coming, but the benefits of using a Microsoft account with Skype will start to be felt very soon. Back in September, Microsoft talked about changing the sign-up process for first time Skype uses, and a new update to the Windows Phone 8 version of the app makes this a reality: signing up for a Skype account can be achieved with a Microsoft account.

But if you are already a Skype user, there's no need to feel left out -- it is possible to link your existing Skype account to your Microsoft account, meaning there is one less password to remember. Anyone who uses more than one Skype account will need to create additional Microsoft accounts, as there can only be a link established between one of each type.

What’s the benefit of linking to your Microsoft account? Well, apart from the fact that it means you no longer need to remember your Skype account password, there's also two-factor authentication, and the option of recovery a lost password via SMS.

The changelog doesn’t include many other details, but here it is in its entirety:

  • A new and simpler way to sign in to Skype. Just use the same Microsoft account you use for your phone. Already got a Skype account? Link it with your Microsoft account and we'll carry your credit and contacts over.
  • See when someone’s typing a message.
  • General fixes and improvements.

Grab yourself a copy of the app via the download link below, or hit the Store to install the update.

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