Unofficial Windows 10 Pokemon Go app returns

Pokemon Master Quest

The third-party, in no way officially endorsed, Pokemon Go app, PoGo has been taken over by a new developer and is now available once again on GitHub for download for those users willing to risk it. Being an experimental project by fans of the game, PoGo doesn’t run as smooth as the official Pokemon Go apps on iPhone and Android and it’s also lacking a lot of the features and fixes that were introduced in recent official app updates.

Being an unofficial app, installing and running PoGo also puts players at risk of losing their accounts if The Pokemon Company or Niantic detect non-iOS and Android devices. Pokemon fans really need to ask themselves if the experience is worth the risk.

Microsoft did officially state that they were trying to get Pokemon Go on Windows phone devices back when the game first launched but there has been no news since then. It’s probably safe to assume whatever plans there may have been have long been cancelled.

Have you tried PoGo or are you still hanging on for an official Windows version of Pokemon Go? Let us know in the comments below.

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