Unlike the Xbox One, the PS4 does not support ‘suspend and resume’ feature at launch

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta Oct 27th, 2013 inNews

Microsoft's Xbox One entertainment console

The battle between the Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4 continues. This time, we learn that when the Xbox One launches on November 22nd, the console will feature the promised ‘suspend and resume’ functionality, allowing one to suspend a game and immediately resume where you left of. The PS4, on the other hand, will not support this feature at launch.

Sony confirmed that this promised feature would not be immediately available for PS4 users. “Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game,” Sony stated. “We will provide additional information about system software update version 1.50 and features available at the PS4 system’s launch, and features that will be available after launch, in the near future,” Sony adds.

However, for those of you who are planning on purchasing the Xbox One, this suspend and resume feature will be available when the console launches on November 22nd. This feature simply lets you suspend a game and then later resume where you left off so you can get back into the action instantly.

Microsoft’s Albert Penello confirmed that the Xbox One would see this feature at launch. So while the PS4 will eventually see this feature, the Xbox One will have it on day one. Will this feature change your mind on which console you will purchase?

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