Uncoverings from a leaked document: Meta’s Twitter rival ‘Threads’ to debut new features

Priya Walia

In a rather curious development, Business Insider recently gained access to a 13-page internal document detailing a list of upcoming feature modifications to Meta’s Twitter rival app, Threads. The document hinted at some remarkable transformations “coming soon”, which could potentially reshape the dynamics of the social media landscape once again.

The leaked document further reveals Meta’s plan to iron out longstanding features and introduce newer ones that not only promise to benefit its existing users but also to participate in the more significant conversations that Twitter has long dominated.

Of all the upcoming features, three have garnered a sizeable amount of intrigue – trends and topics, improved search functionality, and private messaging. Each feature, while not explicitly groundbreaking, signals Meta’s intent to cut through its competitor’s stronghold and mark a pronounced presence in the social media sphere.

For years, Twitter has been the go-to platform for trending news. Its ‘Trending Topics’ feature has placed its head and shoulders above its contemporaries as it allows for the rapid spread of news, spawning countless memes and acting as the pulse of the internet. By creating its own trends and topics feature, Meta seems to be trying to mimic this model and create a similar buzz around its app.

The second key revelation – improved search functionality – may seem mundane at the outset. However, meta-search capabilities are critical in navigating the vast swathes of data on any social media platform. By enhancing the feature, Meta could potentially provide its users with a more refined, hassle-free surfing experience.

Lastly, the private messaging feature has been pointed out as another significant development. Threads had been scrutinized in the past due to their apparent lack of private, one-to-one interaction features. However, taking such criticism in stride, Meta seems to be on track to introduce a more robust private messaging system that would allow for more intimate conversations while maintaining the public character of the app.

Only time will reveal how these changes manifest within the Threads app, and the user response remains a mystery.

Via Business Insider