Twitter updates with a variety of improvements to its Windows 10 and mobile apps for 2020 -
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Twitter updates with a variety of improvements to its Windows 10 and mobile apps for 2020

Twitter has revealed an official list of changes that have been quietly made to the Windows 10 desktop app and web experience, the mobile apps, and the backend over the last several weeks.

Of interest are the improvements to the Twitter list feature, the addition of a high contrast mode, a new experience for ChromeOS users, some improvements for developers, better GIF support, and the return of some keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s the full release notes:


  • Lists: Added a richer list header and viewing experience to show more information about the list you are viewing and make some of the information easier to access.
  • A11Y: High contrast mode is now available. This increases the contrast between colors and elements on the site. It’s located in Settings -> Accessibility.
  • Topics: Users in certain locales can now follow topics on the site, they can also be managed from your profile. Users can also view other public users’ followed topics.
  • ChromeOS: Welcome to our new ChromeOS users! We hope you enjoy the new and improved Twitter experience.
  • Developer Experience: We completed a lot of internal work to help make development on the site quicker, and allow us to share code across Twitter sites. Thanks to our infrastructure engineers for their effort on this milestone!


  • Gallery: You can now swipe to dismiss photos on mobile! On desktop, we updated the gallery experience to be more immersive and you can exit the modal by clicking in the empty space around the media.
  • Trends: See a trend that’s not quite right? Use the dropdown menu next to it to give us feedback and help report issues.
  • Events: Videos from events can now be docked to the page when you leave so that you can continue watching as you browse the rest of Twitter.
  • Gifs: Streamlined the GIF Search flow by removing the intermediate “Add GIF” confirmation screen and allowing users to search as they type. Give the gift of GIFs even faster!
  • Android: Android users can now “share” media directly from other apps on their phone into the Tweet composer on the Web App, when installed.


  • Compose: Improved performance of the composer which could feel sluggish in some scenarios.
  • DMs: Fixed an issue where the DM badge would persistently return, even after viewing messages.
  • A11Y: Re-added some keyboard shortcuts that had broken.
  • Darkmode: Removed the left and right borders from the content on mobile.
  • Explore: Fixed the Pull to Refresh always being shown on mobile phones in certain locales.

Previous Twitter updates improved the navigation and added some multi-colored themes to help users customize their experience.

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