Twitter PWA on Windows 10 picks up the ability to send multiple tweets with one click

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Twitter overnight updated their Windows 10 PWA, adding the ability for users to send multiple threaded tweets with one click. Also known as a “tweet storm,” users can find this latest feature by pressing on the “+” button in the Tweet compose box (via Windows Observer.)

Threaded tweets have Twitter’s standard 280 character limit, but give you the chance to further express your thoughts. This feature also makes it so that your threaded thoughts will show up with a “Show this thread” button in your followers Timeline. It’s a nice addition since it takes away the manual work of having to head to your Timeline and manually reply to each of your tweets to create a thread.

The Twitter PWA last updated three weeks ago with faster image uploads and screen rotation for older devices. As always, though, PWA updates are automatic, so you won’t need to head to the Windows Store to get this feature.

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