tells you how identical two people are -
We're hedging our bets! You can now follow on Mastadon or Tumblr! tells you how identical two people are result

A new website that compares how much two people look identical is out. The site is called and is made by a Microsoft employee named Mat Velloso.

Mat used the same tools as the website that Microsoft recently released which uses a combination of facial recognition, Bing, and Azure. is not an official Microsoft project but does have the Microsoft logo on the webpage.

Mat explains how easy it was to make the website using the tools Microsoft already has available in a blog post (via Windows Central). In his post he explains that building the entire website only took 4 hours. He also points out that Machine Learning has many more applications “We can create amazing, fun and useful sites and applications one after another, as many as we want. Welcome to the world of Machine Learning.

The website seems to do a pretty good job in our brief testing. The above photos are of my dad when he was a young man and I. The website says that we have a twin score of 64% and are definitely related which is true.

It's also important to point out that the website clearly states that they do not keep your photos.

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