Todoist releases preview Universal Windows 10 app

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For a while now, Microsoft’s own Wunderlist task management apps has enjoyed its place as one of the only truly cross-platform solutions available on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. That’s changing, however, as Todoist has released its own task management app as a Universal Windows 10 offering.
Currently only available on Windows 10, the app is a pretty simple affair. It covers all of the bases but lacks some of Wunderlist’s depth. It’s a preview, however, and so theoretically at least the app should flesh out in future iterations.
One of Todoist’s strengths is its cross-platform support, with a ton of different operating systems and environments supported. As more developers support the Universal Windows 10 app infrastructure, we should see more and more apps that run on competitive platforms–and that’s a good thing.

Todoist supports scads of platforms, including our favorite, WIndows!
Todoist supports scads of platforms, including our favorite, Windows!

So far, you can create tasks and projects pretty easily, and that’s about it. Tasks can be made into subprojects by dragging-and-dropping them, but strange little UI issues abound such as the need to manually type in a date rather than selecting from a picker. Labels and filters are relatively easy to add, and so that’s a plus.
Todoist covers the basics for now with a straightforward and attractive UI.
Todoist covers the basics for now with a straightforward and attractive UI.

Other key capabilities:

  • Task sharing
  • 3-pane view for group discussions
  • Interactive notifications
  • Customized Live Tiles

Where's the date picker?
Where’s the date picker?

Todoist weekly view. Everything is clean and simple.
Todoist weekly view. Everything is clean and simple.

According to Todoist, the app should leverage Windows 10’s strengths eventually:

“Our ultimate goal is to make Todoist the best to-do list app on the planet, on any Windows-powered device. The ambition is to keep the distinctive experience that is Todoist while incorporating elements that make Windows 10 apps truly universal. We’re especially excited about allowing Todoist for Windows 10 users to transition seamlessly from mouse to touch and pen and work on any screen size,” says Jan, our Head of Windows.

Today, Windows 10-specific features include the aforementioned customizable Live Tiles and actionable notifications. Cortana integration isn’t there yet, but will be added in a future version of the app.
More from the Todoist crew:

“After the Preview release, we’ll immediately start refining the app, fixing any bugs, and adding some awesome new features. We’re really looking forward to the input we’ll receive from our community. You will be the ones who will help us decide which features to prioritize and how to take full advantage of Windows 10 capabilities,” says Jan.

If you’re looking for a fairly decent task management platform with Windows 10 (and eventual Windows 10 Mobile) support and aren’t fond of Wunderlist, then check out the app. You can click the link below to install the preview and get managing your tasks and projects.

Todoist Preview
Todoist Preview
Developer: ‪Doist Inc.‬
Price: Kostenlos+

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