Today’s patch for Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox One delayed due to bugs

Laurent Giret

rainbow six siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been released on Xbox One in December, and developer Ubisoft Montreal has already released many updates to improve the shooter’s gameplay and connectivity. The update 2.3 was expected to hit the Xbox One and PS4 today following a PC release on March 30, but our colleagues at Gamespot have learned that Ubisoft has now delayed the update after discovering an “unexpected bug.”

The update was expected to bring several bug fixes and balance changes to improve ranked matchmaking on the latest installment of the award-winning FPS series, but according to the report, the PC version is currently plagued by a bug affecting queue times and match quality. The development team quickly released a temporary fix following the release of patch 2.3 on PC, but as the gaming experience is still arguably sub-par Ubisoft had to delay the update on consoles for further investigations. The developer released the following statement on the game’s forum:

“While we have seen improvements on queue time after this update, it is not up to our standards. We are still working on the issue and we will communicate any updates on our progress. Due to these findings from patch 2.3 on PC, we will be temporarily delaying 2.3 on the console in order to resolve this issue before deployment.”

Ubisoft did not share an estimated release date for the console patch, but we hope fans of the shooter won’t have to wait too long before Ubisoft fixes it. If you own the game on your PC, please tell us in the comments if you were affected by these bugs after installing patch 2.3.