This Windows 10 IoT smartwatch is helping a hotel chain provide the best service

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That's right, a smartwatch.

Despite Microsoft abandoning its own wearable technology in the Microsoft Band, the company is still carving out a niche presence for its software to be used on other wearable IoT devices.

Perhaps in the most unlikely of industries, Microsoft's Azure coupled and Windows 10 IoT Core is helping to power Steigenberger Airport Hotel's mobile hospitality suite.

The combined efforts of Microsoft's cloud and IoT solutions, as well as a proprietary software service called SAMFEX, employees at the Frankfurt Steigenberger Airport Hotel, are now able to stay up to date on hotel rooms and guest information in real time.

The wearable allows various functions to be reported to the right place without any communicative detours, and messages can be transmitted silently in real-time or verbally via voice messages. This means that housekeeping can create efficient, real-time, back-of-house operations.

The wearable was designed by portable storage company Trekstor but uses Microsoft's cloud and Windows IoT to pull up-to-the-minute information about the guest's experience to help employees provide the most guest accommodating needs.

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