Thermostat app Hive brings its app to the Windows Store

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British Gas Trading has brought Hive app to Windows Store. Hive is a free thermostat application that goes hand-in-hand with the hardware sold on their site. The application began as a way to save money on heating bills. Over time, it evolved into a remote that can make every home more energy efficient with just the tap of a button. With Hive Active Heating, consumers are able to save on their heating bills. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as British Gas seeks to connect as much as possible to an easily accessible hub in each home.

With Hive Active Heating, users can manually set the thermostat of multiple zones in their houses just by a flick of their fingertip. With Frost Protection and temperature alerts, Hive keeps the homeowner informed of any changes to allow them to react accordingly. The features also allow them to boost their hot water temperature for longer periods of time, set hot water schedules, place their home in Holiday Mode, and activate a geolocation that will begin setting the temperature based on if the consumer is leaving or coming home soon.

Take a look at what a Hive connected home looks like.

A Hive connected home.

Hardware that can also be purchased from the website are Hive Active Plug, Hive Window and Door Sensors, and Motion Sensors. Hive can be used for nearly every electrical appliance in the household. Turning the slow cooker for a late night meal after work is a breeze.  With the sensors, Hive can also help prevent home invasions by reminding you that the window was left open or that somebody has gone into the house while they were away.Unfortunately, installation is only currently available in the UK, but consumers are encouraged to register their interest by visiting their interactive website.

Unfortunately, installation is only currently available in the UK, but consumers are encouraged to register their global interest by visiting the interactive website.

Hive Home
Hive Home
Developer: ‪British Gas Trading‬
Price: unknown

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