The Windows 11 Microsoft Store is now available for Windows 10 Insiders

Laurent Giret

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Microsoft has started rolling out the new Windows 11 Microsoft Store to Windows 10 Insiders on the Release Preview ring. The new Microsoft Store doesn’t only come with a nice visual refresh, it also supports Win32 apps like Discord, the Epic Games Store, or Mozilla Firefox, as well as new entertainment apps such as Disney+.

Microsoft plans to roll out this new Microsoft Store to all Windows 10 users soon. “We ship to Windows 10 Insiders first to make sure that the app is bug free, it will be published to all Windows 10 users a little later,” explained Rudy Huyn, Principal Architect of the new Microsoft Store on Twitter.

It’s great to see that the Microsoft Store will offer a consistent experience across Windows 10 and Windows 11, though the upcoming integration with the Amazon Android App Store will be exclusive to Windows 11. That’s because the new Windows Subsystem for Android, which is now being tested with Windows 11 Insiders on the Beta channel won’t be coming to Windows 10.

Overall, the new Microsoft Store is a promising update and the company has made its digital storefront much more developer-friendly. The Store is now accepting all unpackaged Win32 apps, and developers are also free to use their own CDN systems for app updates, as well as their own payment services to avoid Microsoft’s cut on in-app purchases.