The on-again off-again HP Elite x3 is on again, now available from the Microsoft Store

If you’re looking to purchase an HP Elite x3 in the US, the premium Windows 10 Mobile handset is now available to purchase on the Microsoft Store (via Neowin). This is kind of surprising as we learned last week that Microsoft was reportedly holding back HP Elite x3 sales until October 11th to fix some issues including camera bugs. At the time of our previous report, the handset was available to pre-order on the US Microsoft Store with a September 26 shipping date, which happens to be today.

The HP Elite x3 on the US Microsoft Store.
The HP Elite x3 on the US Microsoft Store.

As of today, the Microsoft Store indicates that the $799.00 handset (Desk dock included) should ship to consumers within 3-7 business days. Meanwhile, the store listing on is quite strange: the « notify me » button is still there, meaning that the handset is not available to purchase right now even though the company indicates that it should ship "within 1 business day."

The HP Elite x3 on
The HP Elite x3 on

As a reminder, the HP Elite x3 doesn't ship with the Anniversary Update but with an old Windows 10 Mobile version 1511 build (aka Threshold 2). The Anniversary Update was initially expected to be available on the handset starting September 13th, but HP has since delayed the roll out to a still unknown date.

So far, early reviews of the premium device have not been exactly great as the Elite x3 currently ships with what could be considered unfinished software: as an example, the handset's fingerprint sensor (a handy alternative to the iris scanner present on the Lumia 950 and 950XL) needs the Anniversary Update to be enabled. If you buy an Elite x3, you can install the Anniversary Update on the device by enrolling it on the Windows Insider program though the update won't fix other issues like camera bugs which are expected to be fixed in an upcoming firmware update.

Do you think it's a good think to release the HP Elite x3 right now, or do you think Microsoft and HP should have waited a little bit longer to add some polish to the software? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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