Sway is now available on Windows 10, lets you easily collaborate and make presentations

Sway is now available on windows 10, lets you easily collaborate and make presentations

One of the latest additions to Microsoft Office, Sway, is now available on Windows 10. Sway helps people tell stories, make presentations, and more. It also allows you to work with friends and coworkers on projects. While Sway may be foreign to many, it’s worth checking out.

The Windows 10 app itself is free and can be found by clicking this link (via WinSuperSite). At the time of writing this article, searching for Sway in the Store doesn't yield any relevant results, and isn't listed with Microsoft's other apps but using that link took me straight to it. 

One of the biggest things that Microsoft will have to overcome with Sway is teaching people what it is. Many are used to the set of Office programs they’ve come to know and love so getting people to adopt Sway can be challenging. To combat this, Microsoft has a series of videos on what Sway is, how to use it, and more, one of which is embedded below. In addition to those videos, the Sway app itself has many tutorials to help you learn how to use it.

Sway is a very useful program with a variety of options. There’s a large potential user base due to it’s ability to create projects, presentations, newsletters, and more.

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