Surface Pro 3: Intel’s latest graphics driver update offers up to 30% improvement in performance

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Surface Pro 3: Intel's latest graphics driver update offers up to 30% improvement in performance

Intel has released a new set of graphics drivers for its 4th generation Intel Core processors. These new drivers apparently offer up to 30 percent improvement in performance for those of you rocking Intel’s Haswell processor. On top of that, these new drivers offer support for the newly announced Intel Core M processor with Intel HD graphics 5300.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 are impacted by this new graphics update, as both devices feature a Haswell processor. This driver update offers up to 30 percent improvement in some OpenCL apps, up to 10 percent improvement in gaming performance, and improved battery life “through newer power conservation techniques such as CMAA (Conservative Morphological Anti Aliasing) and Adaptive Rendering Control.”

The updated drivers also offer a new and enhanced control panel that allows you to tweak additional media and display options.

No benchmarks have been done yet to measure the exact performance increase these drivers supposedly offer. Hit the download links below to snag the driver updates and let us know if you notice any performance improvements. 

As of right now, you will have to manually install these drivers otherwise you will receive an error. Simply go to the Device Manager and choose the drivers manually.

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