Surface Pro 3 helps DC Comics artist and writer Francis Manapul

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In the past, Apple PC’s seemed to be the tool of choice for ‘creative’ individuals, but that perception seems to be changing in large part to the usefulness of Surface devices. Artists’ need a choice of inputs such as touch and pen coupled with the power to run intensive software to be truly creative and that just isn’t an option on competing platforms. In a new Surface Pro 3 video, DC Comics artist and writer Francis Manapul explains why he chose the Surface as his canvas.

Manapul mainly enjoys having a powerful device in a portable form factor and that gives him the freedom to create whenever inspiration strikes. He says that the Surface has adapted to his way of working and is perfectly adequate for his needs. That includes the N-trig pen that caused eyebrows to raise when Microsoft ditched Wacom for it. He uses whatever method works and combines traditional drawing with digital drawing to create his final product.
The Surface division has come a long way since the first iterations were written off to the tune of $900 million; an action that may have led to former CEO of Microsoft’s departure. In fact, the devices are doing so well now that they’re among the few stars of Microsoft’s recent earnings report. The level of success the Surface has had in recent months has also led to former Surface lead, Panos Panay’s promotion to “Premium devices” engineering head.
As more niche uses are remedied by the Surface, it will interesting to see where the product goes next.

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