Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 reaches end of life

Kevin Okemwa

Surface Laptop 2

The Surface Laptop 2 was launched by Microsoft back in October 2018 and has reached its end of support date today. This means that if you own this device, you’ll no longer receive driver and firmware updates.

Generally, Microsoft provides all its Surface devices with support of up to 4 years, though there have been some exceptions like the Surface Pro 3 entry which was supported for almost eight years.

Despite the fact that you’ll no longer receive any driver and firmware updates on your Surface Laptop 2 doesn’t mean that you will not get Windows updates. The device is compatible with Windows 11, therefore, you’ll continue receiving security and feature updates for the same.

However, if you are using Windows 10 on the device you might want to upgrade to Windows 11 because its support is currently scheduled to end in 2025.

We also invite you to check out the new lineup of Surface devices that were announced during the Surface event this year in October if you are looking to upgrade. That said, you can still continue to use the device despite Microsoft cutting support for it.