The Surface Go 3 just got the first firmware update since launch

Microsoft's most affordable Surface, the Surface Go 3 originally launched nearly 6 months ago, but it has yet to get a firmware update. That is, until April 25, when Microsoft pushed out the first-ever patch for the device.

While significant for that reason, the patch doesn't really add any new features. Rather, it brings the usual security vulnerability and system stability fixes. There's a total of five different updates you'll see in Windows Update, which we've highlighted below.

  • Surface - Firmware -
  • Surface – Firmware –
  • Surface - Firmware -
  • Intel - System - 2120.100.0.1085
  • Surface – Firmware –

As always, these firmware updates will show up in Windows Update for you when ready. If you don't see it in Windows Update, you can manually download it from Microsoft's website.

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