Surface 2 display crash issue set to be fixed during December 2013’s Patch Tuesday


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Surface 2 graphics issue set to be fixed during December 2013's Patch Tuesday

If you have ever experienced faulty graphics drivers or a video card issue, you will know how frustrating it is to see a messy display. Apparently, a limited number of Surface 2 owners are experiencing a display crash issue. Microsoft is set to roll out a fix for this issue during next month’s Patch Tuesday.

“I’ve applied all the available updates to the device that were available.  When doing so, and at other seemingly random times using the device, I’ve noticed that my display becomes pixelated, as if there is some kind of video card crash,” one Surface 2 owner stated in an official Microsoft support forum.

It appears that this issue comes up when installing updates from Windows Update – which could mean that there is a faulty driver that is creating this mess. However, there is hope, as Microsoft is aware of this issue and does plan on rolling out a fix on December 10th.

“There is a graphics issue on Surface 2 that is impacting a very limited number of users. We are happy to report that a fix will be delivered thru Windows Update on December 10th. In the meantime, if you encounter an issue with incorrect images on your display on Surface 2, then restarting your device should relieve the issue temporarily prior to the permanent fix provided via the December update.  If the issue persists, you can contact Surface Support to exchange your Surface,” a Microsoft spokesperson stated.

In the mean time, some Surface 2 owners were able to avoid the issue by doing a hard reset of the device, a refresh or reset of Windows if you are able to, or even exchanging the device. The only other option is to wait for this new update to be released in December and hope that it resolves the issue.

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