Super Mega Baseball 2 coming to Xbox One in 2017

Super Mega Baseball on Xbox One

Metalhead Software announced today that they are working on a follow-up to Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, suitably titled Super Mega Baseball 2. The game will launch on Microsoft’s Xbox One console sometime in 2017 and will feature online play, more customizable options for the player, and slightly more realistic art style.

Metalhead Software co-founder, Scott Drader, spoke with Polygon about the new features players can expect in the sequel and why online play wasn’t included the first time around. “If we would have attempted to do online play, we […] would’ve gone out of business before we shipped a game. I mean, we almost didn’t ship the game as it is, because it was such a big project for the number of people involved,” he explains before adding that this new online mode won’t be persistent but will keep track of player matches between friends and that the game will support online matches with up to four players.

Super Mega Baseball 2 will also save game statistics for online and offline games and leaderboards and levelling will both be a focus. As far as customization is concerned, Super Mega Baseball 2 will give gamers the ability to customize logos, names, and uniforms as well as how many teams are in a league and the length of the season itself.

Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings came out on the Xbox One in August 2015, several months after its initial release on Sony’s PlayStation 4 console. The Xbox One version did contain extra content however, hence the “Extra Innings” subtitle, which was added to the PlayStation 4 version as free downloadable content. The game was very well received and was praised for its approachability and unintimidating gameplay however its art style was often critiqued.

Were you a fan of Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings and are you looking forward to the sequel? Let us know in the comments below.

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