Stay safe from tech support email scams thanks to these tips from Microsoft

Microsoft has several ways to protect you from email phishing scams with anti-spam filters that are included in Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) for Office 365 and in However, there is a new way that hackers and fraudsters look to deceive people to get access to their computers and personal information through tech support scams.  The newest way to reach victims is by embedding messages on websites offering to clean and protect your computer.

Microsoft's Windows Security TechNet blog offers information on what to look for to avoid these types of online threats.

  • Many of these scams start with malicious ads found in dubious web pages—mostly download locations for fake installers and pirated media—that automatically redirect visitors to tech support scam sites where potential victims are tricked into calling hotlines.
  • Some tech support scams are carried out with the help of malware like Hicurdismos, which displays a fake BSOD screen, or Monitnev, which monitors event logs and displays fake error notifications every time an application crashes.
  • Still other tech support scams use cold calls. Scammers call potential victims and pretend to be from a software company. The scammers then ask victims to install applications that give them remote access to the victim’s devices. Using remote access, the experienced scam telemarketers can misrepresent normal system output as signs of problems. The scammers then offer fake solutions and ask for payment in the form of a one-time fee or subscription to a purported support service.

Windows 10 has several ways to protect you from email phishing schemes and tech support scams with protection in Microsoft Edge, Outlook, and more. Microsoft notes that you are protected as long as you are using Microsoft products and services to properly protect you from malicious tech support scams. How do you protect your PC and your personal information from these types of attacks?

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