Latest Start11 release ships with support for Windows 11 ‘Moment 2’ update

Kevin Okemwa


At the end of February, Microsoft released the Windows 11 22H2 Moment 2 update that included tons of new features as well as key improvements. However, the update did ship with some compatibility issues that limited users from making the upgrade.

This especially affected users that have third-party apps like Stardock’s Start11 installed on their devices. However, this is no longer the case since. Stardock has released Start11 v1.41, a new update that is compatible with Windows 11 ‘Moment 2’ update.

For those unfamiliar with Start11, it essentially lets you tweak Windows 11 beyond what Microsoft currently allows you to do. You can also use it to restore the Classic Start Menu so that Windows looks and feels the way you want it to.

Stardock had anticipated the Moments 2 update had elaborate measures in place to ensure that the transition would be smooth for its avid users though Microsoft proceeded to make the release earlier than they expected. This in turn led to some users experiencing compatibility issues since Stardock hadn’t made its release.

However, Stardock has been busy at work to get the update out earlier than it had initially planned. The Start11 v1.41 update is already available for download, though it is expected to start rolling out to users in the next couple of days. This update will also be available for users that got Start11 via Steam.

Stardock has indicated that the update doesn’t feature new features, instead, it focuses on fixing the compatibility issues. “It is a significant update under the hood as it brings compatibility to Microsoft’s latest updates to the taskbar and system tray,” the company indicated.

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