Starbucks app in development for Windows phones

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Thanks to a tip from Leandro from Brazil we've got fantastic news to deliver to you coffee lovers. It now appears that after endless requests from Windows phone fans, Starbucks is finally developing an app for Windows phones.

The development of the app has unofficially been confirmed on Twitter by Starbucks Brazil. Translated into English, the tweet reads:

Hello! The Starbucks app is not yet available for Windows Phone, we are working to make it happen.

This tweet means that you coffee lovers with Windows Phones might soon be able to pay for your coffee, and also get rewards by simply using just your Microsoft device.

Until then, if you're a Microsoft Band owner, you can add your Starbucks card to the Band to do the same. Simply visit the "Manage tiles" section of the Microsoft Health app, toggle the Starbucks tile to on, tap on the pencil to edit the tile, and then enter in your Starbucks card number.

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