Spotify could be coming to Microsoft's Xbox One console

Microsoft's Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, has been spotted using an app called, Spotify Music – For Xbox, on his own Xbox One console which has led many to speculate that, well, an official Spotify app is on its way to the Xbox One.

A photo of Hyrb's status was taken by a writer for the Spanish Xbox news site, MondoXboX, and was subsequentially tweeted from the site's official Twitter account. While this is by no means 100% confirms that it's an authentic photo, several Reddit users have gotten behind the taker of the photograph and personally vouched for him which does add a little bit more credence to it. It's important to state though that no one else appears to have noticed this and taken a screenshot or photo so it's best to treat this as a rumor until more sources can confirm its authenticity.

Spotify has traditionally had an app for Sony's rival PlayStation video game consoles but that doesn't necessarily completely rule out an Xbox One app as deals do change all of the time and the Xbox One userbase is quite significant. Spotify also recently launched their official Windows 10 Spotify app within the Windows Store which means that the company has been talking to Microsoft on some level about app development for their devices.

Now would also be the perfect time to begin a presence on the Xbox One as the Pandora music streaming service recently shut down in several regions such as Australia and many people are now switching to Spotify and expecting official apps on all of their devices (something which Pandora excelled at).

Would you like to see an official Spotify app come to the Xbox One? Do you think this photo is legit? Let us know in the comments below.

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