Sniper Elite 4 coming to Xbox One later this year

Sniper Elite 4 will be released on Xbox One later this year, according to a post on Xbox Wire.

This latest World War II shooter will be released on ID @Xbox, the Xbox program for independent studios to launch their games. Rebellion, the developers of the Sniper Elite series, also announced that Sniper Elite 4 will take place in Italy in 1943. The game will show the same dedication to stealth and tactics which made previous titles such a hit.

Jason Kingsley, CEO and Creative Director at Rebellion, goes on to say:

If you’ve yet to try a Sniper Elite game, you’ll no doubt have guessed we pride ourselves on delivering the most satisfying sniping mechanics in gaming. But the series is also built on third person stealth at its purest and most thrilling. Unlike games set today or in the future, there are no drones, no night vision and no short cuts!

Kingsley also promises that “even the smallest levels in Sniper Elite 4 absolutely dwarf those of any previous game in the series.” There will also be more news released next week when Rebellion shows off Sniper Elite 4 at GDC in San Francisco.

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