Sling TV comes to the Xbox One today and brings live TV over the internet

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Sling tv comes to the xbox one today and brings live tv over the internet

Today the Xbox One gains an important app for those interested in cutting the cable subscription. Sling TV launches on the Xbox One bringing live TV for $20 a month only to Xbox One users. This app is perfect for anyone looking to break away from expensive cable subscriptions and use their modern internet connected devices for their content.

The Xbox One was originally positioned as the device which will span the gap between traditional TV from cable over to modern programing delivered by the internet. Microsoft has since backed away from touting the gaming console's media powers and has pushed its gaming power. With Sling TV bringing live TV and on demand programming to the console today and Direct X 12 bringing improved gaming performances in the future, the Xbox One seems to be aging very well. The future is bright for the number two console and Xbox One owners should be excited.

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