Slack Windows Phone beta app gets an update

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The Slack Beta Windows Phone app has just received a fresh new update focused on bringing a much more stable app experience. While nothing is new in terms of features, we've still included the details for this latest update below (via Windows Central.)

Overall, the update pushes the latest version of Slack Beta for Windows Phone to 2017.314.0.0. Please see the change log below.

  • Slack Beta live tile used to keep your most recent mention on display. No good; now fixed. Pin the app and start fresh every time.
  • Sent a message with a link attached? You can (now) edit and delete the message, as you might have expected to be able to do all the time.
  • We brought you to a blank message screen after backing out of your threaded messages. You'll now be returned to your regular channel.
  • Opening push notifications from thread replies should no longer throw a nasty error message.
  • Some channel history was unreachable and therefore unreadable. This was inconceivable and unbelievable, but undeniably rectifiable, so we fixed it.

If you're not already using Slack Beta on your Windows Phone, you can find the download link below. Once you've updated, please leave us a comment to let us know how the experience is going for you!

Slack (beta)
Slack (beta)
Developer: ‪Slack Technologies Inc.‬
Price: Free

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