Slack adds Connect cross-business communication, another feature Microsoft Teams doesn’t yet have

Arif Bacchus

The Microsoft Teams vs Slack battle is heating up once more. Slack just announced that it has launched Connect, a cross-business communication feature. The feature is rolling out now to paid customers and is yet another one that Microsoft Teams currently lacks (via Venture Beat.)

According to Slack’s press release, the feature is designed to replace email and can be a more productive way for different organizations to communicate. Connect extends channel-based messaging to everyone inside and outside an organization. It is still for paying customers only, but it could be coming “in some capacity” for unpaid Slack users in the future.

Slack promises that the feature is secure, and works with all of Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards. Over 41,000 customers already use it, including Time, box, Cole Haan, Wayfair, and Autodesk.

As for Microsoft Teams, it currently doesn’t have such a feature. Teams only allows users from outside the organization to be added to a channel as a guest.