Skype’s new Universal Windows 10 app will soon include SMS integration

Kareem Anderson

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Microsoft’s seemingly contentious relationship with Skype as of late has led to some questionable moves regarding the development of a reliable and simplistic messaging service that would accompany the company’s efforts with Windows 10.

However, as the Windows team pointed out in their most recent release notes for Windows 10 Insider previews, there are plans to reintegrate Skype and its operating system messaging experience. To what extent exactly the two groups of Skype and Windows plan to pull off the combination has left many scratching their heads.

Fortunately, we may be getting our first signs of an integrated Skype and messaging experience that combines SMS into Skype.

Note: The following is circumstantial and has yet to be confirmed by either the Windows or Skype business. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for confirmation and clarification.

A tipster for OnMSFT has gotten their hands on what appears to be internal documentation regarding the addition of SMS integration and syncing into presumably, the next iteration of Skype. Based on the document, there will be defaults for the integration of SMS that involve the use of an MSA (Microsoft Account) being enabled or not. With an enabled MSA, a user will be able to turn on SMS backup as well as Sync SMS to Skype on other devices when on mobile. The same enabled setting on PC/Desktops will offer users the ability to download messaged from a selection of intervals.

Skype SMS integration doc
Skype SMS integration doc

Judging from the document, it seems that SMS backup and syncs will be reserved for users with Microsoft Accounts.

Another tidbit found in the document is the ability to change the default SMS application looks to be an option available for users who do or do not use an MSA.

Again, this information should be considered rumor until Microsoft or Skype publically confirm its existence, but for now, the document follows the narrative echoed by Windows Insider lead, Dona Sarkar that there will be new Skype-powered experience coming to Windows 10 messaging.

Let us know your thoughts on the validity and possibility of SMS integrated Skype experience.