Skype for Windows is messing around with message order, known bug at fault

Mark Coppock

If you’ve been suffering from out-of-order messages in Skype for Windows, never fear: you’re not alone. Over at the Microsoft Skype community, the company has fessed up to the issue and recommend a short-term fix.
Here’s the issue, posted by a slightly disgruntled Skype user:

So I have the latest version of skype but when I get a msg from someone or I reply to a msg no mater what my msgs are always above the msgs of the person im talking to, Iv put up with this for a few weeks but its really annoying.
could you help please

Microsoft answer is straightforward enough:

Hi and welcome to the Skype Community,
This is unfortunately a known problem for some users of Skype for Windows with the very latest version – As a temporary workaround while we are working on an updated version with a fix please download and install the previous version here:

So, there you have it. If you’re having issues with messages being out of order in the latest version of Skype for Windows, then uninstall it and hit the link above to install version Not everyone who’s running this version of Skype is having the issue, and so if your messages are arriving in the proper order, then sit back and bask in your good luck.
If you’re running a version other than and are experiencing the issue, then you’ll want to head on over to the Skype community and post your own question. In that case, you’re just terribly unlucky.