Skype offers 20 minutes of free calls after September outage

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The Skype outage that lasted for several hours on September 21th had certainly caused some inconvenience for users of the service. Following an official apology, Skype is now offering 20 minutes of free calls as an apology, reported Microsoft News.
The offer will be added to Skype accounts of users “over 60 landlines and 8 mobile destinations around the world,” (the detailed geographical info of which was not available) “over the next few days.” The free calls will be available to use for 7 days, so use them when you can.
The outage was reportedly caused by a “larger-than-usual configuration change” that breaks compatibility with “some versions of Skype” leading to users being disconnected from the network, made worse by said users trying to reconnect causing heavy traffic. Skype for Business was not affected.

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