Skype Mojis and photo sharing features arrive for Windows 10 Mobile Insiders

If you think the Skype experience is currently lacking on Windows 10 Mobile, the Skype team is announcing some good news today: Windows Insiders can now send pictures and Skype Mojis with the native Messaging app, while the old Windows Phone 8 Skype app will also receive Mojis in an upcoming update. For all those who are not Windows Insiders, the team says that "these features will also be rolling out soon for everyone to enjoy in the Preview of Skype Integration for Windows 10 Mobile".

If you're not familiar with them, Mojis are "short video clips you can use to express yourself in your instant messages for those times when words or emoticons just aren’t enough". Skype is taking that exclusive feature really seriously, as it even asked Sir Paul McCartney to design some of them for Valentine's Day! While they're probably not Skype's greatest feature, it's still nice to finally be able to receive and send them on Windows phones:

In the Preview of Skype integration for Windows 10 Mobile, you will find Mojis in the emoticon roster after switching to Skype mode from the Messaging app. You will also find Mojis in the emoticon roster in the standalone Skype application on Windows Phone 8 and above.

Skype Mojis are coming to Windows phones
Skype Mojis are coming to Windows phones

But today's most important announcement is certainly the upgraded Messaging app on Windows 10 Mobile which can now share pictures via Skype. The Skype team is acknowledging that it has been the app's most requested feature until now, and it's even hard to believe that this basic feature wasn't available right when Windows 10 Mobile came to market with the 5th generations Lumias. But as we told you in our video preview of Windows 10 Mobile build 14267, the upgraded Messaging app can actually share pictures via Skype as well as videos, location, contact, voice notes and ringtones, just like you can already do via text messages. The only feature we're still missing is on Windows phones is mobile group video calling on mobile, and the Skype team didn't announce today when we'll get it.

Please tell us in the comments if you can't wait to share pictures and even Mojis with the Windows 10 Mobile messaging app!

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