Skype for Linux 1.7 Alpha brings unread message fixes and more

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Microsoft shows, yet again, some Linux love by releasing a new update for their Skype Alpha client featuring fixes for a couple issues, while also making an improvement to the layout of the app. The client has been shaping up pretty well and has been getting regular updates over the past few weeks.

The team responsible for the app announced the changes on the Skype Community:

  • Fixed standard behaviour of unread messages - when opening chat with unread messages, the view will focus on the first unread message. As you scroll, messages will be marked as read.
  • New grid layout of the group calls
  • Fix for application reconnect after it was suspended for longer time

As usual, the post ends with a happy "Please keep the feedback coming. We're listening!" indicating that if you encounter any issues to let them know via the Feedback Hub in Windows 10.

To download Skype for Linux, head to the Downloads page on the Skype website.

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